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this program, go to we're going to try and answer your questions, stay in pakistan and continue to bring the very latest from here. right now, stay tunedor more right now, stay tunedor more news on cnn. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, everybody. earl is high tailing it out of here. the storm is getting weaker. it is moving away from the eastern u.s., but could still cause some problems for your labor day weekend. we have live team coverage. and reynolds wolf has a close eye on where this storm is headed. also, in new zealand, state of emergency after 7.0 earthquake. major damage reported but no deaths and not many serious injuries reported.
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it is midnight there in new zealand right now. meanwhile, it's 8:00 here in atlanta, georgia. it is 7:00 a.m. in fayetteville, arkansas. from the cnn center, this is "cnn saturday morning" for this september 4th. i'm t.j. holmes. coming your way, we've seen protests over mosques. we see another protest now but this one is a dangerous protest or proposed mosque. and not the one near ground zero. this one is in tennessee, a reward being offered. investigators ciasay a suspicio fire at the site was, in fact, arson. also, new jobs numbers came out. just saw those yesterday. employment is, in fact, up. not all bad news here though. we will hear the president's reaction to the much anticipated economic report. also, science fiction taking the spotlight. we're going to be visiting with the star of the hit show "rur reek eureka" on the sci-fi channel. he will be in studio with us
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talking about dragon con. but, let's start with earl. can't call him a hurricane anymore. it's still a severe weather threat, tropical storm, racing up the new england coast. brushed the eastern seaboard yesterday. susan candiotti live for news cape cod. allan chernoff is in new york for us, long eisland in particular. we need to srt with reynolds wolf. it seems like it's in a hurry to get out of here. >> it is. a couple things are happening with this particular storm. we see it. it is tropical storm winds at 70 miles per hour. wind gusts up to 85. it's moving to the northeast of cape cod. very close to canada and nova scot scotia. what we are seeing in this picture is something you can just barely make out. that would happen to be an area of low pressure, this kicked up right there. and at the same time, a frontal boundary that extends from it and that frontal boundary is going to help kick out that storm deeper into the atlantic and pushing it farther to the north out of harm's way.
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the question is where is it going to go? the latest path we have from the national hurricane center has it moving up towards nova scotia. i'm thinking landfall around noon. maybe a little bit beforehand. it's moving to the northeast at 30 miles per hour. just yesterday it was around 18 miles an hour. definitely has really increased its progress. certainly good news. the bad news is though, we still have a lot to deal with with this particular storm. you've got earl located right about here. going to put that down as an area of low pressure. at the same time, we have fiona, what is left of fiona, in this particular stop. those two entities, the issues now is you're going to have a lot of wave action that is going to be pushed towards the eastern seaboard. with that in mind, you have the issue with the rip currents up and down the coastline for a lot of people heading out for this final big weekend of the season. there's a lot of danger in terms of rip currents. it's really a dangerous time to be you in the water. if you do, be careful. the situation won't be quite as bad for the gulf of mexico. quick look on your tropics and
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the effect we may have with those two systems, earl and fiona. more coming up. >> i do appreciate you. as always. you were telling me yesterday there was a possibility cape cod could take a direct hit. well, our susan candiotti is at cape cod. susan, not a direct hit but they felt a little something, none the less. >> reporter: they did. good morning, t.j. we have some brand new information for you. good news to new englanders and anyone who might be planning to travel here. just talked to the office of emergency management, and they are in the process of lifting the state of emergency. massachusetts governor patrick finishing up with a conference call. they had very little dodge to report, if at all. in fact, so little they didn't send any damage assessment teams to go out to cape cod or throughout the state, for that matter, including nantucket island who bore the brunt of it being so close to the path of tropical storm earl. because of that, again, they're lifting the state of emergency here. that means the national guard
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can stand down. that means that all those assets that they prepositioned across the state won't be needed and will probably stay in storage for the rest of the hurricane season. they have received reports of, oh, i would say, maybe three to six inches of rain in nantucket island. less than that in other parts of cape cod and throughout the state. they're now down to reports of about 600 power customers without power at this hour. but they expect that to be restored very soon. and they said less than half of those who lost power were located here on cape cod and nantucket island, martha's vineyard, that kind of thing. if you look around 24 hours ago, t.j., this is how it looked on the beaches of cape cod. it's a beautiful, beautiful day. very little wave action at all. they do expect to be reopening some of the beaches that have closed. mainly due to the fact that because of the storm conditions, as well as not having enough lifeguards to go around.
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and that condition might remain the same here because they're not sure whether they can get enough lifeguards out here. so the thing to keep in mind and this is the message that they are stressing, they want to make sure that as people go back to the beaches today that they try to avoid going to the water because of the high winds. there is a high surf and, of course, the possibility of dangerous rip currents. t.j.? >> all right. susan candiotti for us in cape cod. susan, we appreciate you and so telling to hear her say that, in fact, they're not even sending damage assessment teams out. so that is great news, quite frankly. our allan chernoff is on long island now. another beautiful place right now. but again, looks so different just a short time ago. >> reporter: t.j., absolutely gorgeous this morning. and when we think of storm damage, we think about downed power lines, we think maybe about flooded basements or perhaps even worse. well, there was none of that here out on eastern long island. we are right here the tip in
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montauk, long island. but look at the sand dunes here. the root of this sea grass here, they are exposed. the waves yesterday just took a bite out of these sand dunes. this is a very, very important ecological niche along the coast here. very important to birds. surprisingly diverse group of insects. and, of course, vegetation as well. and, of course, the sand dunes also protect the rest of the land. there was damage here, ecological. those waves yesterday, they were better than ten feet high, just pounding, pounding away, extremely powerful. the police here spent the entire day trying to keep tourists and locals off the beach. they didn't want anyone here. why? have a look at this. this log was not here yesterday. yes, the waves were powerful
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enough that they carried in massive logs like this. we've got four logs like this on this very beach that were brought in yesterday. t.j., just an example of the power of mother nature. back to you. >> and people need to keep in mind no matter how beautiful it is, a lot of those beaches up and down the east coast got dangerous rip currents. you need to be careful out there. appreciate you as always. to our viewers, you can stay here. we will have complete coverage of this storm which is still a storm, even if it's not a hurricane. could still cause some problems going up and down the east coast right now. our live team and reynolds wolf keeping a close eye on that storm. also, emergency officials, they're keep an eye on what's happening in new zealand right now where a state of emergency has been declared after a massive earthquake. a 7.0 magnitude quake. you see the damage here. but the good news and some might even say the miraculous news is that no one was killed. and there are very few serious injuries to report. it's eight minutes past the hour. quick break. and we are right back.
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taking a look at 11 minutes past the hour at the stories making headlines. earl no long area hurricane but still it's going to be give us fits for a minute or two. tropical storm earl now, brushed past long island overnight. slight impact on cape cod as well. some of the biggest danger right now is going to be the rip currents. you need to watch out. a lot of people are going to see the beautiful weather as they head to the beaches this labor day. the weather is going to be great. dangerous rip currents. also, christchurch, new zealand, 7.0 magnitude quake has damaged buildings. amazing damage in the pictures. more amazing possibly is the fact that we have very few injuries to report. there are issues with water mains being broken. the power is out. but again, no deaths and very few serious injuries to reports that point. also, the atf is ruling a fire at a construction site for an islamic center and of course
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a big game happening. north carolina versus lsu. the georgia dome today kicking off really a big saturday for college football. a lot of folks excited. they're already down there hanging out. beautiful, beautiful morning. always a good morning to bust a move here in atlanta with the young emcee. maybe you need to bust a move and stay fit. a lot of people want to do that, but how can you turn to the internet? is that a way to stay fit? you can find nutritious meal planning to a virtual trainer online. my doctor, sanjay gupta now, is showing you websites to help you keep track of your health. >> reporter: we live our lines online these days. we buy plane ticket, pay bills. why not fitness? >> when people want help a lot of times the internet is the best way to search for it. and if you can get that help immediately online, that's great. >> reporter: so we put some of our fit nation expert tons hunt to look at some of the latest and greatest online fitness tools. check out the fit orbit, a real life fitness trainer online. >> i love the fact that you can
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pick the type of activity level you're in, whether you have a desk job, whether you're a frequent traveler. >> reporter: your fit orbit trainer can adjust your fitness goal on a daily basis, keep track of your nutrition. the biggest downside? >> once it's online, that intensity can be removed a little bit. >> reporter: next, if you're in the mood to run, g-maps odometer, it's a tool from google. >> for a business traveler, it's great. as you travel you map out your course, you see the distance, and i guess once you check the weather, you're good to go. >> reporter: if nutrition is more your focus check on a online meal plan tool. >> you have the option from choosing from frozen dinners, fast food, home cooked meals. each of the options, there's an emphasis of healthy foods. >> reporter: recipes, shopping lists and a cost per meal calculator. but if all you need is a little inspiration, a free healthy tips e-mail service called healthy mondays may be your one -stop
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shop. >> it focuses on promoting small sustainable changes. healthy monday is a great program when used in conjunction with other wellness initiative railroads dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. all right. 20 past the hour. all day today atlanta, all weekend really, atlanta going to be crawling with aliens and super heroes. is that one of the avatar guys right there? all of this is going on because of the annual dragon con extravaganza. just rolled into town. if you're not familiar with it, it's premier science fiction and fantasy event of the year. so we got a sci-fi channel star, colin ferguson is going to join us. he's a star of a show "eureka." we're expect that interview to come up here in just minutes, but we're a little concerned about colin this morning. let me show you why. he sent out this tweet just a bit ago. where is my tweet? i was going to share my tweet here. there it is.
8:22 am
colin sent out a tweet saying due to an horrible oversight, my room is above the bar in the noisiest hotel in the world, and the cnn interviews are at 7:00. oh, dear. well, we hope colin makes it. we're expecting him any moment. and we'll bring him to you live. now, let me go back to telling you about this earl. hurricane earl, or the former hurricane known as earl, it's just a tropical storm now. but still, that doesn't mean necessarily that we are out of the woods yet. holiday weekend, we've got potential danger out there as you are heading to the beaches. [ male announcer ] we went to germany's nurburgring
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over here hanging out with reynolds now. a lot of people worried about the storm, what it was going to do with the vacation plans. for a lot of people, clearing out. clearing out nice weather, too. people will get to, go to the beach, danger to look out for it. let me remind you about this storm. tropical storm now. >> right. >> it was just not too long ago we were talking about a tropical -- or a category four. >> cat four, major hurricane. >> enormous. winds that were just incredibly strong. had it made its way onshore, carolinas, we would be talking about a different story. millions without power. all kinds of big problems. right now it's not a problem at all. very close to nova scotia. of course, cape cod. moving away from candiotti in that area. and, of course, crews also farther down the coast on their
8:26 am
way home today after watching all the events unfold on the outer banks. but the storm is moving to an area of cooler water, also interacting with sheer which is going to cause it to rip apart. i would say by tomorrow at this time, it should be all together dead. let me show you what else is happening in the rest of the country. one reason why the storm is moving out of the area is due to this area of low pressure in this frontal boundary that's going to continue to push it to the north-northeast. high pressure is going to build in. it's going to be a beautiful day for much of the nation coast to coast. temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable, too. high 70s, 80s out there. a knew 90s along the gulf coast. new orleans, 91 in tampa. 107 in las vegas. 109 in phoenix. 80s in los angeles. when you get up to san francisco, upper 60s. comfortable. seating with 64. coming up, another look at your forecast including a football forecast. we can get a few football fans that might be tuning in today. that is coming up straight ahead. >> big day for a lot of folks. this is kicking off the season officially today. all right. reynolds, we appreciate you.
8:27 am
doing a turn now, a story out of new zealand. when you see the pictures, amazed that no one was killed and no reports of wide spread injuries, i should say. josh levs with this for us this morning. again, josh, the reports of injuries and deaths don't necessarily watch with the pictures we're seeing. >> they don't. what's striking about this, you have a 7.0 magnitude quake which is actually the same magnitude that we had in the haiti earthquake that wreak sewed much devastation. probably the time of day but kinds of buildings and what was in the area where it struck. you're looking here at new zealand. basically where it was was right off of christchurch, new zealand. the city council in christchurch declared a state of emergency. this area is a population of just under 400,000 people. they actually called for a curfew throughout the night. it's just after midnight there now. i spoke with a man who was
8:28 am
effected by it, was there when it happened. went out and took some pictures. his name is hadley wright. here's what he told me. >> this morning, i am working -- it felt like -- not like earthquakes have felt before, which is shaking left to right. but sort of a rolling, like it was on wheels, like it was rolling around, like marbles. >> so your whole house felt like it was moving all over. did things fall, did things top until. >> yeah. moved from one side of the room to the other. tank on the ground. animals everywhere making noise and barking, that sort of thing. >> do you live near other people? did you hear screaming? did you hear people reacting? >> i didn't hear any people reacting, but soon after i went outside and people were on the streets. then i went into the center of the city, and it's a bit more a
8:29 am
disaster area, i would say. rumble crossing whole streets and that sort of thing. buildings on the sis of what used to be walls. >> just to give you a stronger sense of what kind of destruction we're seeing. see if the camera can zoom in. with this someone of the pictures that hadley wright sent us. this was once upon a time a two-story building. it was flattened at the top. it became just basically one story full of rubble. i was going to google map and finding a building that actually matches this, what building it was. so this building before the quake looked like this. you can see, two stories there. so it is the kind of destruction that we're seeing throughout the area. but such good news, we're not hearing any stories of major casualty or anyone killed. and, of course, t.j., we're keeping on this as all the reports continue to come in from that part of the country. >> hopefully we won't get any reports of anything more serious than we are seeing, the video is
8:30 am
unreal. josh, we appreciate you as always. also, as we've been talking about today, a lot of people are going to have their eye tons television because football is here. college football is back. officially kicked off with a couple of games on thursday but this is the first saturday. major college football taking off. and look at what we have here. thank you for paying a little respect to my razor backs by making just an absolute fool of yourself this morning. rick horrow -- >> it's not hard to do. >> sports guy is here to talk a little college football and money this morning. 30 minutes past the hour. there's no way to hide it. sir, have you been drinking tonight? if you ride drunk, you will get caught... and you will get arrested. in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched we create and broadcast content
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♪ oh, it is that time of year. it's college football time, foebs. no other athletic program brings in as much money to a university as the college football team. many schools seeing a drop in money in athletics, however, but college football keeps on keeping on, bringing in huge dollars. we'll talk about that as we kick off here on this saturday. also, we're talking about tennis again this morning. not just how they're playing but what they're wearing. you may remember a particular tournament not long ago where we saw a little more of venus than some people thought we should. we'll talk about fashion here in a second. rick horrow who donned a pig hat for me this morning for my razorbacks. always good to see you. good morning. you all right this morning. >> yeah. a lot of people have called me a pig but now i guess they have reason to. >> it's legit now. we're talking big money here. a lot of fans out here just
8:35 am
excited. but this is a big deal for schools because big money is on the way. >> a lot of schools have cracked the $100 million revenue barrier for the first time. ohio state and texas and the s.e.c. schools, lsus, alabamas, floridas, but a new study says there are only 14 of the division i 120 schools making money in the traditional sense. it was down from 20 last year. so the haves are getting richer but tv nhe have notes are not. >> a lot of tv deals for schools but also are we talking about at this times and ticket prices and are those going up? >> of course we are. that's one of the standard ways to deal with it. $7 billion total in television rights deals. that's one of the reasons why all of these conference teams are changing around. but ticket prices are going up. ohio state are pushing 500 bucks. you've got teams like alabama, won the national championship, increased their prices.
8:36 am
for those six or so home games, people are prepared to pay a pretty penny, everybody if they're 90,000 seats, everybody to watch you guys. >> yeah. even to watch the razorbacks. yes, we do have a lovely stadium and a good team worth watching actually this year, rick. let's talk though about, you know, as big as this business is, fans love it, people get excited about it. are they ever going to get so upset with college football because of this bcs system and how the national title is determined? are we ever going to get so upset that we'll stop tuning in and stop showing up to games? >> you have the better chance running the network than you do having it converted to a no football playoff right now. >> no chance. >> but your comment, not mine. the bottom line is the teams that are in the tens to 20s ranges, your buddy -- our weather friend at auburn and yours at arkansas and lsu and north carolina, all those teams, they're starting in the mid 15, 20 ranking. they have a longer way to go to
8:37 am
get up to national championship consideration. it's possible. boise state, playing monday night. but listen, the fact that we're talking about this is good for college football because everybody has an opinion. it's good watercooler conversation. >> all right. i'll take your word for it. boise state, a lot of people have their eyes on what they're going to do on monday. they could run the table if they get past virginia tech. a lot of people say they have an easy walk, just not a hard schedule to get undefeated into the national championship. see what happens there. let's turn to tennis for a moment. not just talking about the u.s. open and andy roddick's out. we're once again, you and i, rick, talking about women's fashion. >> yes, we are. yes, we are. the bottom line of all of this is, sharapova is a great tennis player. venus williams is a great tennis player. that's not all we're talking about. there are uniforms, dresses you can describe as risque. when you look at it, the bloomberg business week power 100, venus is at 42. maria sharapova is at 80.
8:38 am
she just got a $70 million deal with nike. there she is right there. listen, if they keep winning it's a wonderful story. if not, we talk only about their clothes and, you know, that's not half bad. but these are tennis players. >> what is that? >> by the way -- >> what is that, rick? what is she wearing? >> look, that's for you to -- it's a dress that highlights her fashion sense. she can also serve the ball much faster than you can see it. she's a world class athlete, okay? let's just leave it at that. the bottom line is, 43% increase in tennis players over the last 15 years, and it's not just about the tennis game. it's about the entertainment. and let's say that's entertainment. what do you think? >> sports is about entertainment. we forget that sometimes. professional sports. we got reynolds here standing by. a lot of people are keeping an eye on the weather. no, really. we might start doing this every week because people are interested in what's happening. >> these are big outdoor games. we've got some -- about five
8:39 am
games. they have ranked teams. we're going to start things off with san jose state, alabama, playing in us ttuscaloosa. i'm an awe been guy. as appeals as one might like say business, typhoid fever, diphtheria, there they are. crimson tide, kickoff is at 7:00 this evening. plenty of sunshine in florida. brantley season, tebow is gone. they're going to get things under way in miami. 90 degrees with texas and rice. arkansas and tennessee tech, arkansas is 23 raenked. beautiful game, kickoff, 77. auburn number 22 playing against arkansas. they get under way, the ball is in the air, 80 degrees. should be nice. we did not have because both teamses are unranked, northwestern and vanderbilt. sorry, rick. conditions there about 70 degrees. >> excuse me. just stick to weather, okay? tennessee tech and arkansas
8:40 am
state? it might be a beautiful game. i'm not sure it's a beautiful contest for both you guys. and we'll see that arkansas game that you guys played in auburn -- in october, that will be a fun game to watch. >> good time. >> everybody is looking forward to northwestern and vanderbilt. >> yay, teams. >> great schools. great schools. >> small constituency to begin with. you better be very careful. hold on to what you've got. >> very true. >> northwestern guy, appreciate you. couldn't get? >> go wildcats. >> reynolds, appreciate you as always. thanks so much. coming up, talking about another school, another college, not going to be playing any football necessarily today but their secret might be out. i'm taking you to a little town with a big draw. free college. not just any college education. we're talking about a college education that costs upwards of $180,000 over four years. and you can go for free. a little catch, though.
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we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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long time to wear a dress like that coming to work. we're talking abouting dragon con going on right here in atlanta, georgia. you look at it you think it's some kind of a halloween costume or halloween on steroids, you can call it. it's a pop culture thing here. comic book literature, sci-fi
8:44 am
fantasy, all coming together. part of it is a little weird. people want some kind of escape. listen to this. >> ever since i was a young kid i've always enjoyed dressing up in costume. and here it's really fantastic because there are so many people with similar interests of mine. all the science fiction fantasy comics, video games, everything. and to be able to dress up as these characters that we enjoy and have people recognize you, it's just a lot of fun. just something we really enjoy doing. >> okay. well, one guy that a lot of folks out there really want to see, colin ferguson. he plays jack, the main character on the sci-fi channel hit show "eureka." take a look at a piece of it here. >> nice to see you. nice suit. you do eureka proud. >> and you are? >> already sick of it. doc, could you give me a lift back into town? my phone is down. i have tree shrinkage to deal with. >> sheriff there in a town full of geniuses and he is here with us this morning.
8:45 am
kind sir, thank you for coming? >> good morning. >> i hear you had a rough night, partying pretty hard over at dragon con. >> yes. i'll call it an oversight in my room at the marriott is actually above the bar. goes until 4:00 in the morning. so, yeah. >> appreciate you being here. even if you didn't shave. it's quite already. >> casual saturday, right? >> good to have you here. tell me, how familiar were you with dragon con before you started doing a show on the sci-fi channel? >> totally unfloor with it. the whole world, the whole convention world, the whole thing. never heard of it. was completely off my radar. >> now that you're in it, what do you think about it? >> i think it's crazy. i think it's -- it's beyond what you can imagine. these costumes, people spend like thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. and a full year to make them. and they're so proud of them. it's not just sort of one person, it is like you've got, you know, there's like a 400 pound wonder woman next to a 85-pound conan the barbarian and they're having a conversation. strange.
8:46 am
and every time, the best time. >> who are these people? who are they? >> they're everybody. it's like -- it's everybody from every walk of life. it's the strangest -- you think it would be sort of niche group like, oh, it's sort of these people. but they come from -- like national security people. it's people you wouldn't think. it's strangest thing. >> now, you have had to, you don't have a choice but to embrace this. these are your fans. you don't have a choice. >> i don't have a choice. no. but what i love about it is that everyone is really nice. you sort of hear stories of like all the fans, crazy, you have to sort of -- i have never had that experience. >> i'm sure you see some crazy stuff. we just did an interview with a woman we couldn't even see her face because of her outfit. what are the craziest things you have seen over there that made you stop and think what in the world? >> some people who did their costumes like 12 feet tall. you know, they sort of walk around. and simple one, simple one. yesterday i was talking to a lady and we as actors frequently get the contact lenses in our
8:47 am
eyes to do stuff. they're really uncomfortable. like i said, do you find, is that uncomfortable? she said, yeah. you know, completely happy, yeah, this is really uncomfortable. that's the sort of thing like, okay. i mean, i go to an interview in a t-shirt so i couldn't do it. >> quite all right. we hope people understand who maybe don't understand dragon con or even the sci-fi phenomenon. that channel, it has a fan base that a lot of people, if you don't watch it, you just wouldn't believe. >> yeah. yeah. it's a station on -- it's almost about their community more than it is the shows on tv. i mean, they'll watch our show but as they're watching our show they will be online talking to other people about the show and then get to the and talk about the other shows and so it's this whole world that then bleeds into the social thing at the conventions. so it's a whole fraternity that's set up around television. >> can you ever imagine a time, and you've done other acting,
8:48 am
but you're doing science fiction related now on the sci-fi channel. could you ever imagine a time when you're not doing the show one day down the road when you should start attending something like this? is it part of you to be part of a sci-fi dragon krrcon dress-up? >> i hope so. >> really? >> it's so fun to see people go so far for something, in a day and age where people would, you know, they tweet before they cross town. nobody gets together anymore. nobody does anything. there's this place where people go for the silliest of reasons. and i think that's why i like it because it's not an important thing. it's a completely silly thing and that's why i think it's so great. >> how are v. you been received, if you will? have you o.o. you've done -- the show has been picked up again for the fifth season. >> fifth season. >> you've attended a few of these before, i guess. what is the reaction to you and your show when you go to these things? >> over the years, it's been deeper and deeper, sort of the market saturation increases through the years. they've always been welcoming. always been encouraging and, oh,
8:49 am
we love the show. i mean, you know, when your day job is working on a stage for 16 hours a day, you forget to interact with the audience. you forget that part of the exchange is missing. when you go to the conventions you fulfill the loop. you meet the feel for whom you make the show and get the reaction of what they like and don't like and get their feedback on the stuff. it's unbelievably hard to make the show and it makes the whole thing a lot more satisfying. >> for the rest of the folk not a part of this community, dragoncon it's a mistake to dismace something this big. it's a lot of money in that. >> oh, yeah, and the san diego one is -- it's 150,000 people. i mean, it's big, big money. and all the major companies are there. you've got sony and they're doing all their stuff and promoting it. it's a big deal. >> all right. what's next for you? "eureka" got picked up again. you want to stay in the sci-fi world? >> i'm doing a lot of directing.
8:50 am
mostly on sci-fi. but, yeah, winter's coming. i think rest is in order. come november, rest. >> and maybe right now rest, again. sorry for what you went through at your hotel. >> it's pretty funny. >> whoever booked your room for you, maybe that's who you need to have it out with. >> yeah, danielle. where is she? >> danielle. colin ferguson, good to we so you i don't know. enjoy the rest of your time over there. again, dragon con continues throughout the weekend. if you want to check it out, happening here in atlanta. coming up, president obama says the economy is recovering but are you feeling it? checking in with our political folks crunching some numbers. find out how the money out there, how it will impact the midterm election. [ male announcer ] rome wasn't built in a day... ...and it wasn't built on coffee and a danish. quaker instant oatmeal.
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about seven my under the circumstances to the top of the hour now. the president take to think republican. he's going on the offensive now, blaming senate republicans specifically for blocking jobs, specifically a bill to help small business. >> there are certain measures that we know will advance our recovery. this small business jobs bill is one of them. and i'm confident that if we're willing to put partisan ship aside and be leaders the american people need us to be, and if we're willing to do what's next, not for the next, what's best not for the next election, but for the next generation, then we are not only going to see america's hard-working families and america's small businesses bounce back but we'll rebuild america's economy stronger than it's been before. >> the back and forth on the economy going to dominate the discussion heading into the crucial midterm elections. deputy political director paul steinhauser has more on that battle and the reaction from the
8:55 am
american people. >> good morning, t.j. it's arguably the most important number in politics right now. ungloimt rate hovering under 10% could spell trouble for the democrats in november when they try to hold on to their majorities in congress. here's why. economy remains by far issue number one with american voters. jobs remains the top economic issue. and it appears americans don't think barack obama is doing all that great of a job on jobs. 40% of people we questioned in our new cnn opinion corporation national poll approve how he's handling the economy when nearly six in ten saying they disapprove. that 40% is a new low for mr. billion in our surveys. how about the crucial independent voters? two-thirds disapprove with 32% giving the president a thumbs up. mr. obama's not on the ballot in the november midterm elections so why should this matter? here's why. the president and his party run the white house and congress so the buck stops with them. and the republicans are trying to frame the midterms as a
8:56 am
referen referendum the job the president and democrats have done on jobs. t.j.? >> thanks to paul steinhauser. also, climb aboard the cnn election express bus. we are heading out. next week we are focusing on the important races, the important issues, and some key swing states. monday, we are making a stop in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. we'll start reporting live there. myself along with gloria borger, john king and jessica yellen aboard the express. tuesday hopping over to columbus, ohio. wednesday, on to covington, kentucky. thursday, we wrap things up in indianapolis, indiana. tune if right here to cnn all day and all week. from our live report along with the rest of the best political team on television. nlthsds r. stay here, we're keeping an eye on what was a hurricane threat. what kind of a threat is it now? reynolds wolf is keeping a close eye on a storm that is not what we, well, what we were calling it for the past several days.
8:57 am
we went from a category three to two to what? >> to a nothing. >> to a nothing. >> category 4, major hurricane, no question about it. now, t.j., you're right. this thing is falling apart. you're taking a look at it now, moving northeast to boston and cape cod at this time, taking an eye on nova scotia. we've got video to share with you that will give you the story of the impact that it's having on nova scotia as we speak. take loo a look. you see the rain and winds. rain has been heavy, some places up to six inches of rain. most of the rainfall falling offshore. onshore, five inches of rain in cape cod. the rain is going to continue to impact this particular area in halifax, nova scotia over the next several hours. once again, it's going to continue to die out because it's going to be away from the primary power source that warm water. i'm telling you what, the water they've been getting off the coast there fairly cool. that's going to help kill the system out. big question is, what is next for this storm? well, the storm is, as i mentioned, expected to continue to track past nova scotia moving
8:58 am
up, go into the arctic circle, dig out all together. what's coming in behind it is something that's actually quis nice. this area of low pressure, this frontal boundary is going to be dry air for the eastern third of the country could see scattered showers in parts of florida. one threat is going to remain even though that storm is gone. that's going to be the threat of rip currents along the eastern seaboard. off the coast of nantucket clear down to florida, you have to be careful out there and take it easy. in terms of your weather though for the rest of the nation, dry conditions out for the central plains and rockies, nice for you, too. in california, you might have a few scattered bits of fog around the bay area. in midday and afternoon, perfect. beautiful for you with high temperatures in the bay area going up into the 60s. 88, los angeles. wrap things up in phoenix, 109. 80 in kansas city. 74 in st. louis. 71 in new orleans. tampa, 89 degrees. that is a quick snapshot of your forecast. t.j., let's kick it right back over to you. >> reynolds, appreciate you. you can stay tuned. our team is covering the remnants of this tropical storm
8:59 am
earl. we'll have live reports up and down the coast. reynolds wolf always keeping a eye on where this storm is headed. we have a mess going on right now in terms of motivation. leaving one family left looking for some help. >> here we have david who is still in bed. i have to go to work, and i don't know if he's going to get up and make it on the bus today or not. so that's really -- really some behavior we could use some help on. >> call my mama, she'll help you out. this sounds like it might be time for intervention here. and we have got our education contributor helping out. going to hear all about it coming up next. stay here. ♪
9:00 am
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what do you think? take one of the big ones out? nah. we are at the top of the hour here now. good morning to you all. it has been called the a what jal taj mahal of schools. $578 million school. probably the most expensive in the country. but in these economic times, how and why was it built? plus, the cost of higher education continues to go up. but some students are getting $40,000 a year in tuition for free. and all they have to do is live in a particular town. welcome back to the "cnn saturday morning." i'm t.j. holmes. every saturday we spend this 9:00 a.m. eastern hour with this conversation with what's hot in
9:02 am
the news this week. this week it's been cnn's mission to document the nation's education crisis as america's children head back to class. we talk problems and solutions all week long. that's what we're talking about this half hour. a georgia family is having trouble with their three middle school aged children. this is one of the topics this week. the children have trouble doing their homework. stay up late on school nights. they can't seem to get up in time for school. cnn's education contributor steve perry paid them a visit. steve is here live with us. we're going to talk with him in just a moment. first, let's take a look at his education makeover. >> okay. so here it is five minutes before nathan is supposed to be leaving for his class. and nathan is still in bed. here we have david, who is still in bed. i have to go to work, and i don't know if he's going to get up and make it on the bus today or not. so that's really -- really some behavior that we could use some help on. we have three marvelous
9:03 am
children. we have nathan, just turned 14, eighth grade. our twins are 12 years old. >> main help that we need is that homework and keeping our kids on track in school has become a source of strife and disharmony within the family. >> victor and i made a decision this year, i don't know how we're going to stick with it, but why wait until the children go to college. and we're paying $40,000 a year to have them not do homework and not follow through, and potentially drop out of school. you need to get your stuff packed up a little bit. this looks like a piece of homework here. the kids are not adopting any new bay be haif your. so i hope that dr. perry will be able to give us some suggestions. >> steve perry. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, too. >> you know what? we feel like we just won the lottery. >> do you? >> we yrks we absolutely do. we're so glad you're here. >> why is that? >> because we -- the parents have been working a long time on this and we want some expert advice. and i'm not kidding.
9:04 am
>> so, the first, mom, take a deep breath. >> why. >> why did mom take a deep breath? >> is it too late? they're already in middle school. have we already missed the wall. >> is it too late? no. >> we've established some very -- >> no, no. >> -- weak skills here. >> great question. is it too late because they're in middle school? the answer is absolutely not. in fact, it's at this time and in high school when it's most important for parents to engage their children. the first thing we have to do is rework our schedules. we really do. because in doing an audit of your time, what i found is that there's a lot of wasted time. we know that they all want to go to fine colleges and do very well in those schools. and we want to make sure that they're able to compete with those other students out there all over the world who are far more disciplined in their time. so what's going to be different about our schedule?
9:05 am
>> i'm going to wake up earlier. >> yeah, how about that? >> yeah. >> right? >> they're not waking up. they're just up. >> everybody more. so they don't go to bed. >> right. >> it's 1:00 in the morning. and your 14 and 12-year-old are up? >> yes. >> okay. so one of the concerns, next, we're going to talk about studying. >> well, i mean -- >> mom -- >> -- if it's going to interfere with other things. >> like what? what else do you have to do? >> i don't know. >> you're 12, right? >> i'm giving an hypothetical example here. >> but you're 12. >> yeah. >> well, what else do you have to do? >> sports. >> are more important than getting the best education you can? that's the second thing we're going to talk about, is choice. sometimes the most well-intended parents give children choices. david, the library is not your place to study. >> yeah. >> so really, a choice needs to be revisited for you. okay? so now here's the big one.
9:06 am
this is the biggest one of all. follow through. so we come with the best plan of the world no matter what it is, the best plan of the world but it doesn't work if we don't follow through. when do you think is the best time to homework? >> as soon as you get home from school because you remember what your assignments are and you can whisk through it real quick and have the rest of the night to yourself. >> we have agendas. we write our assignments down every night, we're supposed to. >> but we just usually -- i think the best time is when we get to the library and do our work there. >> what about what nathan just said? you remember more information when you return from school than you will three or four or five hours later. >> when you return from school, you've had a long day, you're hungry, you want to relax. >> you can't eat and write? >> then you get food on the paper and then it looks messy.
9:07 am
>> this is interesting from you, david, mess concerns you. now we're concerned about making a mess. i saw the grenade that exploded in your room. so maybe we're not really concerned about mess. maybe what we want to do is what we want to do. >> i've been trying, kind of. >> when you make the decision that you are going to stick to your guns, because you know what's best for your children, then and only then will they fall in line. as a principle, the parents who i see who get the most out of their children are the ones who are consistent, they have a structure in place, they monitor the structure, and they follow through. and that's all this is. >> that's basically right. >> in terms of schedule, what can we expect from you, nathan? >> as i'm getting older, less free time after school to run around and do stuff. homework. >> probably me, too. less time to go do other stuff, more time for homework. >> maybe we just needed somebody else to step in and have them
9:08 am
say that. i thought i was the only one. i thought all my ideas were just solo. yeah, it's amazing to have it coming from them, right? >> yeah. >> absolutely. y'all have been holding back. >> so this is a good thing, right? what i want you to understand is that i understand that each one of you are different, different in your own ways. even though you're twins, even though year all brothers and sisters, you're both boys, whatever that, is you're still different. and what we're looking to do is to establish strategies to play up what makes you different and what makes you beautiful so that you can become even more successful as students. >> all right. our education contributor steve perry is here now joining us from harvard, connecticut. steve, it sounds like these kids got a lot of options. i don't remember that. >> too many options. you can imagine, if you will, a pantry full of everything, candy and cookies and right on the side there's an apple. when we give children the choice of everything, they're never going to touch the apple.
9:09 am
one of the most important things parents can do when it relates to education is take away a bunch of choices. parents let children decide virtually everything when it comes to education, including in some case where's they go to school. that's not their choice. parents are the ones who are supposed to make the big divisions. one of the big decisions that we make is to establish a child's schedule. these children have established their own schedule. be clear, these are really good kids, very good grades but not as good as they could be. one of the reasons why is because they don't have the discipline that comes in an established structure that a parent should put in place. >> we can hear you fine, see you all right, the screen is going in and out a little bit. trying to keep going here, steve. we might have to stop but one more question in to you here at least. that is the fact that these kids are older. if they've been getting away with this for so long, don't these parents have a heck of a time now trying to break all these habtds that they set forth for so many years? >> well, there's no easy time to break a bad habit. however, bad habits can, in
9:10 am
fact, be broken. when these parents begin to make the commitment that's necessary in order for them to stay committed to this schedule, then the children will do what it is the children are supposed to do. think about this for a second, t.j. the oldest son, nathan, when asked what do you think you should do, when do you think you should do homework? nathan up to this point would get off the bus, literally drop off his book bag at the end of his driveway and just bounce. he would just go off to his friend's house and they would have fun for the afternoon. nathan said i should come home and do my homework first. the kids know the right decisions to make. the parents just need to hold them to it. >> kids often know, right from wrong, just got to do it. steve perry, we're going to talk to you here in a minute as well about another topic, $578 million school being built in l.a. what? a lot of people scratching their head about that. we're going to get your comments coming up. we'll talk to steve here in a se second about that. also, parents would you pack up and move to a different state to get your child a free college education, an education worth
9:11 am
$180,000? one small college is offering a really good deal. we're taking you there. when you approach things from a different perspective, you don't end up with just another car. you end up with the all-new saab 9-5 luxury sport sedan.
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welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible? uh, absolutely. trade? and i still get great service? more like super great. oh, you have a message. "hello." calculator humor. i'll be here all week. i will -- that was my schedule. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today. 12 minutes past the hour now. looking at ways to fix our schools. now we're looking at how to pay for college. that's always tough. but in this economy, it's even tougher. i want to tell you about one college that's helping students get a first class education for free.
9:13 am
at a time when economic hardship is taking a toll on families everywhere, putting money aside for college almost seems like an american dream itself. universities and colleges are also feeling the financial strain. many schools are raising tuition and cutting back on scholarships and school programs to trim costs. but that's not the case with oberlin college, a liberal arts school in oberlin, ohio, just outside of clocleveland. in the past academic year they've awarded over $48 million in scholarships which comes from endowments, gifts and other sources. >> i don't have to wait to see the great things that will come out of this laclass. in truth, we're already doing big things. >> reporter: in 2001, oberlin college developed a special scholarship just for students at the local high school. so any oberlin high school graduating senior who is accepted gets to go for free.
9:14 am
tell me how much money are you saving by going to school right here in your hometown? >> with federal financial aid, it comes out to about $45,000 a year. so, yeah. >> that's what you are saving? >> uh-huh. >> so over four years, do the math. >> $180,000. >> 180 grand. >> yeah. >> that you will not have to deal with when you graduate. >> yeah. >> for some families this once in a lifetime opportunity means their children receive a college education that they otherwise couldn't afford, especially for families like the gilfeathers who have two sons attending oberlin college. >> i've been a successful homebuilder, developer, and the home building crisis devastated my business and i went bankrupt. so i couldn't have come at a better time for our family. when you see it all slip away and you don't know if it could ever happen and then it's made possible, it's a gift. >> she couldn't get that anywhere else. so we're grateful for the scholarship, i am.
9:15 am
>> me, too. i'm pretty sure i would have had to pay a lot of it. >> reporter: during the past academic year, oberlin college has awarded more than $3 million to qualifying oberlin high school students. recipients of the scholarship say it's a life-changing opportunity. >> the financial component isn't necessarily there. my parents don't make a tremendous amount of money and things like that. i feel like for me this is an opportunity that i have to take and i have to do well with because i don't have a mulligan, i can't do it over. >> reporter: with a great free opportunity right in their own backyard, why are some oberlin high school students opting to pay for college elsewhere? >> you know that it's going to be difficult, you know that you're not going to be far away from home, and i say, yeah, that's true, but you're going to be maybe $100,000 in debt attend of this. i only have whatever room and board costs there were. >> i think like any student, the concern of coming to college in
9:16 am
your neighborhood is the familiarity. and you may think that there's something better out there. >> reporter: oberlin college hopes to continue finding ways for students and families to attain the american dream of a college education without the financial burden. >> tremendous effect in terms of helping improve the schools, d sends the message to kids. stay in school, if you excel you have this opportunity to a free ride to one of the best colleges in america. >> you are hearing there about oberlin being rich in resources but rich in history as well. the city and school have ties dating back to the punds ground railroads. the first college to have a policy to admit students of color in the first to grant bachelors degrees to women. 2900 students attend oberlin college. just last month u.s. news and world report listed the school as one of the top liberal arts
9:17 am
colleges in the nation. now, again, the kids that can get into the school that attend oberlin high school get to go for free. they have high standards at the school. not easy to get into. if you can make it you've got a free ride. coming up, it costs more than half a billion dollars to build this public school. it's in one of l.a.'s poorest neighborhoods. some say it's about time. others say it's crazy. take you inside.
9:18 am
9:19 am
9:20 am
well, 20 minutes past the hour now. if you build it, will they come? the most expensive school possibly in the country opening up in one of the poorest
9:21 am
neighborhoods in southern california. the cost? more than $500 million. but will the desire hoo live here trump outrage for the desire to live here? >> reporter: this is one of the poorest inner city neighborhoods in los angeles. where dilapidated, severely over-crowded schools force kids to be bused far away. a community who fought for new schools for two decades, finally they got it. this brand new high school in the heart of los angeles is being called the taj mahal of public schools. it has fine art mmurals, wirele access, flat screen tv embedded in the sidewalk. all these g-risk factors are stirring up controversy in the community. why? because it costs more than half billion dollars to build. making robert f. kennedy school the nation's most expensive k.-12 school ever.
9:22 am
>> in light of all the cut-backs and teachers being terminated, i was in shock. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: kristina johnson is is a parent from another part of the city who is upset that so much money was spent on one school while so many other schools are falling apart. >> education of the students is not a loss of money. >> reporter: she was part of the parent group that spent 17 years fighting for the school. she says poor students also deserve a great school. >> audio visual equipment, smart boards, internet access through wi-fi as well as through fiber optic. >> reporter: james gave us a tour of the campus. >> you're standing inside of our high school gymnasium. at competition gymnasium of approximately 10,000 square feet. you're looking at a full competition pool that we designed to be available for the community to use after. hou ofs and on the weekends. >> reporter: it sit on 23 acre
9:23 am
tons site of the ambassador hotel where the former president's brother wass a sis nated in 1978. it's elementary, middle school and high school. student capacity here is 4200. the school has a state-of-the-art library, a designer staff lounge, auditorium that pays tribute to the legendary hotel. >> and then you look on the other side of town or even around the corner and schools are falling apart, teachers are being laid off, they don't have enough computers or equipment in their classes. >> reporter: kristina johnson pointed out the differences at westchester high where her daughter will go to school. the auditorium, athletic fields, the gymnasium, and the teachers lounge. johnson says the school is in desperate need of repair and says the school's website doesn't even work. but the l.a. school district says it wants parents to understand the money wasn't taken from one school to give to another. >> the district is unapologetic about the fact that we can spend
9:24 am
the right amount of money to build a wonderful school for our students. >> reporter: the district says the money came from a bond measure passed by voters that earmarked funds for this school alone. but at a time when the district is laying off teachers saying it's out of money, the half billion dollar campus is a tough sell. thelma gutierrez, cnn, los angeles. let me bring steve perry back into this conversation. steve, i just got a note from john zarrella who covers nasa, he says a shuttle mission is about half a billion dollars. the school is more expensive than that. still, shouldn't all of our schools look like this? >> all of our schools should be very good schools, but -- great schools. that's not determined by half a billion dollar price tag. our school which we just opened up a new building last night costs us $42.5 million. it will house about 8 to 900 students grades 6-12. it doesn't cost half a billion dollars to build a great school. much of what i would imagine
9:25 am
they spent money on is not going to impact the children's actual learning environment but it sounds quite a bit of it has to do is with the aesthetics of it, m murals and the like. >> what's the ben at this time of having a student in this time of glorious environment that they can enjoy? >> what's the benefit? i mean, again, is it necessary, it is not necessary. the benefit is having your child in front of an amazing teacher. that's the benefit. that doesn't cost half a billion dollars. even though it's a campus, even though the community say they fought for it. i do not imagine under these circumstances, these economic circumstances that is, in fact, what they needed to spend in order to make an effect i school. we too often as community members and as educators put our focus in the wrong place. the money should not and -- it's not that the money needs to be spent on the buildings, it needs to be spent on making sure that we train and support effective education in the classroom. that's where the rubber meets
9:26 am
the road. that's where the success happens. that's it. that's all. >> mistake made here then? >> is it a mistake? the water is already out of the cup. there's nothing they can do to recoup the money. better make sure it's a dog gone good school, i tell you that much. >> i know -- >> test scores better not suck. >> we will check the test scores here this coming school year. steve, appreciate you participating in this half hour with us. always good to see you, buddy. talk to you again soon. >> nice to see you as well. switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy. it's the chevrolet summer event and anyone can get the traverse they want. nah-uh... this one's mine. get 0% apr for 60 months on the 2010 traverse with an average finance savings of around fifty seven hundred. the switch begins at
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we are keeping a very close eye still on this storm. yes, it is weakening but still causing fits for some. folks, it's tropical storm earl now. we're going to be back at the top of the hour with more live news. now i'll hand it over to "your

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